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Jiangsu dalishen science & technology co., ltd.

Jiangsu Dalishen Science &Technology Co.,Ltd. , belongs to Dalishen Science & Technology Group Co.,Ltd., established in the year 2007 with the locations on Jichang Road, Economic development zone in Danyang City. Its total area is 600 thousand ㎡ and 500 workers. For now we have a 6-floor modern office building with the area of 2 thousand ㎡,a 110KV substation,a worker’s canteen with the area of 1 thousand and 2 hundred ㎡,two production shop with each area of 20 thousand㎡,a production shop with the area of 35 thousand㎡ and other production shops are under production. Another two production shop with each each area of 30 thousand ㎡ are under construction. Our company is a garden style production base with the clean, fresh air and charming environment. It’s a company engaged in diversified products production and sales in the steel circle. Our company produces not only the galvanized &galvalumed steel and color coated steel products,but also produces the non-oriented silicon steel products.

On the galvanized &galvalumed project, our company plans to build 8 production lines.From the year of 2008 to 2012,we already have 3 galvanized production lines and 1 galvalumed production line are under production. Another 4 Production lines are still under construction. Our galvanized production line can produce 10 thousands tons per month or 800 thousands tons per year.

On the color coated galvanized steel project,our company built a most advanced production line in domestic market,which started production on the year of 2008 with the annual output of 600 thousand tons. That production line was under upgrade on August,2012 for renewing the equipments &technology and better base to producing the color coated galvanized steel products.

On the silicon project,our company built a advanced non-oriented silicon production line in the year of 2011 for the main production of electrical silicon steel. It will be under production in the year of 2013 with the annual output of 0.4 million tons.