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Product Introduction
> Jiangsu Yatai Optical Co.,Ltd. ,Jiangsu Donglian Optical Co.,Ltd.
Main Products Products Versatility
1. CR-39 resin lens glass mold blank (diameter of production 40mm-90mm, thickness 3mm-18mm, to meet the various needs of customers in base).  
2. UV Optical glass lens blanks.  
3. GG15、Three kinds of sunglass lens blanks , GG15, gray, brown.
4. Crafts K9 glass block material.  
5. Varieties of crystal crafts items.  
6. Shaped glass blank.  
7. Crystal glass.  

> Jiangsu Dahu Chemical Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.
Main products Products versatility
1.CR-39 resin lens monomer and middle index 1.56 1.58 monomer as well as photochromic monomer,high index 1.60 monomer and photochromic monoer.   
2. ADC Used for resin lens production.

> Pipe pile and steel mould, extreme thinnest cold rolled stee plate
Main products Products versatility
1. Pipe pile and steel mould. Used for Pipe pile and steel mould in construction industry.
2.Extreme thinnest cold rolled steel plate(Main thickness specification range 0.09—1.5mm). Organic coating steel plates about the industries of automobiles, printed drum , building materials ,construction ,bicycle.

> Galvanized and Silicon steel plate with science and technology
Main products Products versatility
1. Precision extreme thinnest galvanized plate(specification:thickness0.15~0.8mm,width:914~1250mm,Zinc weight:30~180 g/㎡).

Used for building materials, construction industry ,home appliances industry.

2.High precision silicon steel plate(modle number:W470、W600、W800、W1000、W1300). Used for motor industry .

> Alloy Aluminum
Main products Products versatility
1.Hot-rolled plate. Products will be used in various modern industrial fields widely. Such as heat transfer areas, home appliances, packaging, printing, rail transportation, automotive, light tanker, plastic and rubber and other industrial molds, giant liquefied petroleum gas storagetank shipping transport industry, the deck structure of speedboat, chemical storage tank, aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, aircraft integral panel, new tank turret, the skin plate of the missiles and launch vehicles, aerospace, military hardware and so on.
2.Cold-rolled plate.
3. Pre-stretching plate .
4. Cold-rolled coils.
5. Brazing material.