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Product Introduction

  Cold-rolled thin plate: the products are made by the “Dalishen science &technology co., Ltd, which is the subordinate of “Dalishen science & technology group”. Presently , Dalishen science &technology co.ltd own one line of six rollers of rolling mills, three lines of twelve rollers of rolling mills, and adopt advanced metallurgy cold rolled machines , thickness-measuring machine and hydraulic AGC (from USA) as well as Germany Siemen’s electric control equipment were assembled into a higher level of super thin cold rolled production line .4 production lines were put into production in between 2006-2010 successively. In 2010, company expanded the production scale, 12 lines of rolling machines of 20 rollers of Sendzimir were built, among them,3 lines of rolling machines of 20 rollers of Sendzimir were put into production. On the base of 20 rollers of rolling machines , company use Belgium IRM firm’s IRM thickness-measuring, American company RMC thickness-measuring and EMG company ‘s system to assure production’s precision and stability. Now the precision of our cold-rolled thin plate thickness can be controlled at the range of ±0.01mm, the side and surface of our products are exquisite and tidy.
  Cold-rolled thin plate’s annual yield is 1.2 million tons and accordance with Q/BQB402-2003 standard . Specification and model: thickness 0.12-2.0mm, width900-1250mm.