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Product Introduction

  Galvanized Products: All the Galvanized products are produced by Jiangsu Dalishen Science &Technology Co., Ltd, subsidiary of Dalishen Science &Technology Group . Our company now has 3 galvanized production lines and 1 galvalumed production line with 4 more galvanized &galvalumed production lines in plans.On the aspect of equipments, our group use the products manufactured by Xi’an Zhongwei Electric Equipment Co., Ltd, Shanghai Cosure Enterprise Development (Group)Co.,Ltd, CDKPA and Wuhan University of Science &Technology. These products provided by them are in a leading position in domestic market. What’s more, we use the S-400PLC controller made by Siemens to control all the electrical machines and frequency converters , which can ensure the stable operation of production lines.

We use the world’s most advanced and widely used US Steel Associated production technology. The process flow includes;steel coil entrance-jointing-entrance looper-preheat-reducing-cooling-galvanized-fitting & straighting-passivation & oiling-exit looper-reeling. Among the process, the passivation & oiling can make excellent resistance to corrosion. For washing the coil before galvanizing, we use both the chemical degreasing and electrolytic degreasing to make the surface of galvanized steel sheets bright and clean. The unit design process hightest speed is 130m/min with total length of 209.5m. Our products include big,normal and zero spangle galvanized steel coils, skin passed spangle galvanized steel coils and fingerprint resistant products by adjust the light machine fingerprint resistance device. The available zinc coating of our products is 30-180g/㎡.

The raw materials is cold-rolled of SPCC , SPCD, and FH produced by Jiangsu Dalishen Science &Technology Co., Ltd. with the specifications of 0.15-0.8 mm X 914-1250 mm with the best use of our group’s production chain.

For now our galvanized &galvalumed production lines can provide the ultra thin galvanized steel sheets with high quality and precision according to the international FC surface grade with the capacity of 10 thousand tons per month and 800 thousand tons per year,which the rate of final products exceeds 99%. The quality of product is corresponded with the GB2518-2008 standard and the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification. They can be used for building materials, civil, automotive sheet, housing of air condition, refrigerator and so on both at home and abroad with the best service.