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Product Introduction
  Color-coated products are produced by “Dalishen science & technology co., Ltd, which is the subsidiary of Dalishen science &technology group. In 2007 , company bought the most advanced color-coated production line and other various advanced test equipment in China. Company own very strong color-coated production and development technology , the products we produced have exquisite appearance and good quality.

In 2012, company upgraded the color-coated equipment, to use natural gas oven instead of electricity -heating oven , cause the gas heating oven have the feature of rapidly increasing heat and less heat loss, at the same time of save energy, can make paint more glossy and easily dry. Additionally , at the passivation point, we use more advanced roller coating to replace the squeezed dry style.

We have complete color coated production procedure including: uncoiler -sewing machine-ahead loop-pretreatment(alkali wash, water wash)-passivation-oven dry-back paint&front - paint-dry-cool-from&back paint-dry-cool-behind loop-coiler machine-packing.

The substrate of color coated adopt the superior GI that is from previous production chain in our own workshop,and use fine front paint PE HDP SMP PVDF coating material. With the feature of fast forming film of coating , good hardness, fine glossy , no color difference,strong adhesive , abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-heat , durable, anti-melting, not pulverization.

We have almost 100 Color-card in color-coated products , can satisfy the customer’s request in color -coated products.

Main production specification : thickness 0.15-0.8mm, width 800-1250mmm

At present, company own annual yield 0.6 million tons, passed the verification of ISO9001:2008 and quality reach the state standard of GB/T 12754-2006 . Our products are widely used in construction materials , civil use, automobiles making and home appliance making yield.