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Product Introduction

  Alloy aluminum products: Dalishen aluminum industry co., Ltd, the subsidiary of Dalishen science &technology group , is the manufacturer of the alloy aluminum production. Company have invested 3 billions yuan on providing various specifications of the serise 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and all kinds of precision aluminum and alloy aluminum plate, belt, foil products (please see attached table of "Dalishen aluminum industry co., LTD. products supply situation" ). The design annual production capacity is 200000 tons, and the leading products are "wide, high precision, high performance of aluminium and alloy aluminium thick plate" and "high quality aluminum composite plate, belt, foil for heat transfer". Because of its high strength, good corrosion resistance performance, the former product is widely used in aerospace, rail transportation, ships and other high-end equipment manufacturing fields; because of its high precision, high toughness, resistant to corrosion, brazing, anti-fatigue and marvelous performance of quality, the latter product is widely used in automobiles, engineering machinery, household, commercial air conditioning cooling system fields. Through constant technological innovation, company is dedicated to become the industry model in these two mentioned fields. In addition, company products are widely involved in construction, packaging, electronic information industry and other fields.

  Our company has a complete production chain,which includes 35 tons-casting production line,soaking pit ,precision sawing,milling machines, hot rolling production lines(3300+2800mm & 1+1 modes),tension leveler, ,annealing furnace,roller hearth furnace, air cushion furnace,automatic welding machine,flaw detector,2800mm-longitudinal cutting machine,2800mm-cold rolling machine,1700mm-coarse / cold rolling mill, 1550mm-Cold finishing rolling mill,straightening machine,coil annealing furnace, slitting machine,packaging line and so on. All the related indexes,working accuracy and degree of automation of our equipments are in the domestic advanced level in the same industry.Among all those equipments,a whole production line( which mainly produces Aluminum matrix composite strip and foil material for high quality of heat transfer) is bought from the ALERIS aluminium manufacturer in Canada, the biggest enterprise who produces bimetallic alloy composite material. Those equipments includes German Aschenbach cold rolling mill,Germany Comm-scope slitting machine,Germany SMS automatic welding machine etc.Those equipments related to the width,high-accuracy,high performance aluminum and Aluminum alloy plate are provided by Italy MINO,Germany SMS,Austria Ai Bona,American GE and some well-known manufactories at home and abroad.

  Our firm has high standard technical&development center and advanced physical and chemical testing center ,has built the united lab with domestic famous college like Tsinghua University,Central South University ,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics etc.the ability of new product development rank the lead in the same line;company is authenticated through ISO9001、ISO14001、ISOOHSAS18001 and establish the thorough quality management system,in addition,we also have hired the senior experts and technical backbone ,equipped with strong pre-sale ,sale and after-sale team.

  Dalishen aluminum stock co., ltd ,people -oriented ,adhering to the core enterprise culture concept “great employees create great enterprise”,always persisting in the idea “no quality no market for the products,no management no hope for the factory”,always following management aim “customers satisfaction is our pursuit” ,insisting on technology innovation and improve service quality,committing ourself to forge international known and domestic leading high quality ,high precision aluminum and aluminum alloy plate & strip as well as aluminum foil supplier so as to return to our customer ,shareholders,to benefit society!