Jiangsu Dalishen Science &Technology Group

Group Introduction

Jiangsu Dalishen Science &Technology Group is located in Danyang development area, which has beautiful scenery, and convenient transportation. It neighbors HuNing and JingHu highway and next to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. what’s more, it is only 19 km from the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river’s largest international deep water port - zhenjiang dagang port , and it just takes 2 hours from Shanghai or 1 hour from Nanking.

We have made a scientific and effective enterprise management system for human resources, items, equipments & technology and environment etc. We also made a series of modern management programs. Thus these measures can develop our brand for its development,expansion and protection. With a registerer capital of 500 millions Yuan,we have already 3000 employees. In the year of 2012,we have completed 1 billion input and achieved the sales 5.5 billions Yuan with 500 millions in tax. We also plan to realize sales 20 billions in the end of 12th Five-Year.

Subsidiary Company

+> Dalishen Science and Technology Group Co.,Ltd.         Jiangsu Dalishen Science &Technology Co.,Ltd.

+> Jiangsu Yatai Optical Co.,Ltd.                  Jiangsu Donglian Optical Co.,Ltd.

+> Jiangsu Dahu Chemical Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.     Dalishen Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd.